EpicRewind v3.0 under development

Okay, so I’ve been very quiet since December.  As usual, I always hope to make more releases, more often, to implement features and crush the bugs, but the basic code for EpicRewind up to the last version (v2.6.3.0) was really causing development problems.  A big portion of it was test code written back in 2009 […]

EpicR-word being falsely identified as a virus

Lately, I’ve noticed that some heuristic algorithms have marked both the ER installer and main app as being a virus or malware. Only a few anti-virus apps are doing this though. Running through Virustotal is only showing 2 to 5 apps doing this false identification. There are no deliberate viruses in this app. The installer […]

Using the new audio capture mode in v2.6.x.x

So, one of the big changes in v2.6.x.x is the use of the WASAPI interface in windows to capture audio from built-in sources. Before this, if you user wanted to capture audio, it required a machine that had either Stereo-Mix, WaveOut, What-U-Hear (certain soundblaster device), or physical or virtual audio loopback cables. In the Settings->Advanced […]

EpicRewind v2.6.2.0 is available for download

So, I was a little late with the delivery, but you can now download v2.6.2.0 of EpicRewind on the download page –> Here <– The highlights of this new version: Completely overhauled audio capture subsystem. No longer is there a need to have some sort of loopback from the past (Stereo Mix, Waveout, What-U-Hear, virutal […]

EpicRewind v2.6.0.0 release expected this month

It’s been a very long road to ER v2.6.0.0, but it is nearly over. Major code changes have been made and testing is in full swing. Several bug fixes as well as a complete overhaul in the audio capture system have been made. These caused some other changes to be needed (especially in the DVR […]