Another update on EpicRewind v2.6

Okay, so we are about 2 and 1/2 months since v2.5 was released.  The biggest thing I’m working on in this release is the complete overhaul of the audio capture sub-system. This has caused some other pieces to change as well, as old assumptions no longer work.  I’ve successfully gotten Region Capture D2D and Installed […]

A little bit of ER history found

Back in 2009, this project was just an idea that 3 friends were working on. The first videos I captured were very low resolution, low fps captures of the games I was playing at the time (Left for Dead and City of Heroes). The first output during development was animated GIF as compressed formats were […]

It’s been a month since v2.5.0.0, where is v2.6.0.0?

Okay, so I’m hoping to get back to a somewhat reasonable update/release schedule. It was slightly over a month ago that v2.5.0.0 was released, with a lot of fixes, and updates, including EpicUpload v3 working again, and a new type of very fast and sync’d Direct2Disk mode when capturing Region capture. I had planned v2.6.0.0 […]

Latest version of Starcraft 2 + Windows 10 x64

So, I discovered that there are problems with the latest version of Starcraft 2 on Windows 10 x64 version. This had previously not been a problem. Starcraft 2 uses DirectX9, both for the 32bit and 64bit version. The latest version of ER will attempt to connect to the game and the game will crash upon […]

Bug found with new Region Capture Direct2Disk mode

A bug was found using the new Region capture direct2disk recording mode that was implemented in v2.5.0.0. It happens after a successful recording, then changing the settings in advanced mode, which can reset the audio source back to Primary Capture Device, which the new d2d RC mode doesn’t handle. It makes it look like a […]

A Note about YouTube uploading

Although ER v2.5.0.0 was just now released, there was an issue that showed up occasionally in testing. I didn’t want to delay the release any longer so I thought I’d wrote a post about it and how to handle them until is released to fix it: – I did notice that, occasionally, a video […]

EpicR-Word v2.5.0.0 Released!

There is a new version of EpicRewind/EpicR-Word available for download in the Downloads section. Changes include: 1) EpicUpload v3 (YouTube Uploading in the background re-enabled) 2) New, beta experimental version of Region Capture Direct2Disk mode for much better sync over time with audio and more stable framerate 3) Some bugs fixed along the way and […]