EpicR-word being falsely identified as a virus

Lately, I’ve noticed that some heuristic algorithms have marked both the ER installer and main app as being a virus or malware. Only a few anti-virus apps are doing this though. Running through Virustotal is only showing 2 to 5 apps doing this false identification. There are no deliberate viruses in this app. The installer […]

Using the new audio capture mode in v2.6.x.x

So, one of the big changes in v2.6.x.x is the use of the WASAPI interface in windows to capture audio from built-in sources. Before this, if you user wanted to capture audio, it required a machine that had either Stereo-Mix, WaveOut, What-U-Hear (certain soundblaster device), or physical or virtual audio loopback cables. In the Settings->Advanced […]

EpicRewind v2.6.2.0 is available for download

So, I was a little late with the delivery, but you can now download v2.6.2.0 of EpicRewind on the download page –> Here <– The highlights of this new version: Completely overhauled audio capture subsystem. No longer is there a need to have some sort of loopback from the past (Stereo Mix, Waveout, What-U-Hear, virutal […]

EpicRewind v2.6.0.0 release expected this month

It’s been a very long road to ER v2.6.0.0, but it is nearly over. Major code changes have been made and testing is in full swing. Several bug fixes as well as a complete overhaul in the audio capture system have been made. These caused some other changes to be needed (especially in the DVR […]

Another update on EpicRewind v2.6

Okay, so we are about 2 and 1/2 months since v2.5 was released.  The biggest thing I’m working on in this release is the complete overhaul of the audio capture sub-system. This has caused some other pieces to change as well, as old assumptions no longer work.  I’ve successfully gotten Region Capture D2D and Installed […]