Be Careful, Blizzard

Blizzard’s Launcher had a news story about a new “feature” for Starcraft II called “Rewind”. The ability to instantly see how a game ended right after gameplay. Be careful Blizzard. Our product used to be called EpicRewind until lawyers for a company that had trademarked “REWIND” for one of their clients let us know that […]

Update on EpicUpload v3

So, a while ago, I started working to get EpicUpload working with the latest Google authorization APIs. You can see the post –> here <–. So, while life has been busy, I have had time to work on it and it's nearly done. Most of the issues are fixed and the integration with the main […]

EpicUpload logo

Very early versions of EpicUpload had its own GUI, but it was coded in another language by my former EpicrRewind partner. When version 2.0 of EpicRewind came out with the much-updated UI, EpicUpload became “headless” (the GUI it has was hidden because it was easier than having two jarringly-different UI styles). For a long time, […]

DirectX 12, Vulkan and Mantle

I had planned to add Mantle API support a while ago. As far as I know, only 2 other programs support direct capture from Mantle (one of which was helped by AMD directly). However, AMD’s support for Mantle was dropped shortly after Microsoft finally caught up by announcing DX12. Vulkan was considered the naturaly replacement […]

YouTube changes and how they affect EpicUpload

So, in my previous post, I mentioned that work has been ongoing to get EpicUpload (the background, throttle-controlled YouTube uploader component) working again. It was one of the cool features my former partner implemented several years ago. It was apparently ahead of its time (like so many other features of EpicRewind). Over time, the original […]

EpicUpload changes coming

For about a year now, EpicUpload (the background, youtube uploader with throttle control) has been offline due to changes at Google for authentication handling. Due to many bugs and features missing, updating EpicUpload has been on the backburner, but I finally had some time earlier this week and have nearly gotten the changes in needed […]